Ancient Greek gods and myths - 1
Hera, mother goddess
In very distant times, people considered unknown and natural events such as rain, lightning, heat and cold, night and day, change of seasons, death and life, and the like to be the result of the power of the gods who ruled the earth and its creatures. These gods were not only involved in doing some affairs and events by themselves, but the relationships between them also had a direct impact on the fate of humans. Ancient gods existed in all human societies and had human representatives with superhuman strength, they were immortal and could mate with normal humans and have children, the children of these gods were "demigods" and despite having superhuman strength, they were immortal. They were.

Gods and mythological stories were initially used to explain the mysteries of life, but gradually the battle of legendary creatures and the glamorous adventures of heroes became so sweet and attractive that despite the progress of science and the presence of unified prophets, mythology remained and in all arts They were prominently present.

In the meantime, Greek mythology is more familiar due to the great reliance of ancient Greek literature and then modern world literature on them, as well as the simplicity of the names of the gods. become For this reason, we begin the introduction of the mythological gods with a brief introduction of the Olympians.

Olympian gods or Olympians
These were the 12 gods who ruled after the Titans were overthrown. Mount Olympus was the place where the titans fought with the twelve gods and later it was named as the place where the gods lived. All Olympians were related to each other in some way, and depending on the conditions of the time, one or more of them were noticed more. For example, if in real life, the ruler's wife or a powerful person of the region was a strong character or a more important family, female gods and especially Hera, who was the mother goddess, would be considered. If there was a war, the temple of the god of war would be more important.

Stone relief of Zeus with his wife Hera
Zeus Zeus
was the son of Cronus, the great Titan. He overthrew his father and drew lots with his brothers Poseidon and Hades for the government. As a result of this lot, Zeus was known as the great of the gods, he is the ruler of the sky and rain and his weapon is lightning, which is called He was throwing towards the person who displeased him. One of the things that angered him a lot was lying and breaking the contract. Zeus took Hera as his wife but is known for having many love affairs.

Poseidon, god of the sea
Poseidon is the brother of Zeus and in the lottery that took place after the overthrow of their father, he won the sea and is known as the god of the sea. Sailors and fishermen are among his worshipers. Poseidon married Amphitrite, the granddaughter of Oceanus, the titan of the interconnected waters of the world. His weapon is a three pronged spear, which can shake the world and crush anything. He is the most powerful god after Zeus and has a belligerent and greedy nature, so he has been involved with other gods to get the cities.

Hades, god of the dead
Hades, in the lottery with his brothers, won the worst part and that is the underworld or the world of the dead. Since the subjects of Hades were made up of the dead, he was very interested in those who would increase the population of his land. Like the Erinnyes, or anger and despair, whose job was to pursue sinners and drive them to commit suicide. Hades was the owner of underground mines due to his rule over the underground and was also considered the god of Perot. His wife was Persephone, who was kidnapped by Hades. Hades was the god of the underworld but not the god of death, Thanatos was the god of death.
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July 16, 2022