Simple and effective recommendations for eating out
Having lunch or dinner out
Plan ahead to eat out.
If you have been to a restaurant these days and you are a person who takes care of your nutrition, you have noticed that the way of handling, ordering and preparing food in good restaurants has become such that you can, by explaining what you want, get food as healthy as possible. Eat according to your special diet.

But whether you eat at home or at a restaurant, there are some tips that you can follow to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight. Remember that you will have a healthy and beautiful body by consuming more vegetables, fruits and breads made from whole wheat or barley flour, lean meat, having a varied diet, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly. At the same time, tempting foods available in restaurants and eating with some friends and acquaintances in different events, sometimes cause us to deviate from our diet. "Sometimes" isn't really a problem, but what if eating out is a daily occurrence?

1. If you know what kind of food the restaurant has, decide in advance what you will eat. This will prevent you from choosing high-calorie food without thinking at the last moment.

2. Before starting the meal, drink at least one glass of water to help digestion and make you feel full sooner.

3. Don't be afraid to order a half press or child-sized meal at a restaurant. Most restaurants will do what you want and "sometimes" will charge less.

4. Order your food first, so you won't be tempted by your companions' orders.

5. If you are not sure about the preparation method of your chosen food, ask without shame. If the food is prepared with butter or oil, you can ask that it be served to you without oil.

6. If all the foods on the list are high-calorie and fatty, ask if it is possible for them to bring you a plate of vegetables. Cooked vegetables are available in almost all restaurants and they are used to decorate dishes. In addition, some restaurants also serve food for vegetarians, which is usually lower in calories than regular food.

7. When ordering meat or fish, order it grilled and ask that no butter or oil be added to it. Instead of high-calorie sauces, you can use lemon, vegetable powder and spices.

8. You can order salad and soup instead of food and eat fruit for dessert.

9. When choosing soup, be careful that it is not creamy.

10. If you order a full meal with an appetizer and dessert, split the appetizer and dessert with your companion.

11. Order a variety of pasta with low-calorie sauce without cream, tomato and vegetable sauce is a better choice. 12. If you eat bread with food, it is better to have wholemeal bread and avoid butter with it. Fancy Korean breads are also served in some restaurants, which you should forget about.

13. Ask for cooked vegetables instead of potatoes.

14. Whenever possible, eat like Europeans. It means that your most detailed meal should be lunch and the rest of the meals should be small and in larger portions.

15. Eat slowly and enjoy the taste and smell of food. This will allow your body to have enough time to send satiety signals to the brain and you will feel full on time. As soon as you are full, ask the waiter to take your plate away so you don't have to go to it again.

16. Order salad dressing separately to control its quantity. It is even better, instead of pouring the sauce on the salad, put your fork in the sauce first and then take a few pieces of vegetables, the taste is the same, but the amount of calories is much less.

17. Stay away from restaurants and buffets where you can eat whatever you want. The way these restaurants serve makes you not notice the amount of food you have eaten. If you have to go to such buffets, eat only salad, low-calorie soup and fruit.

18. If you really need a sweet dish and you don't want to eat fruit, order some compote.

19. When ordering a sandwich, order it without mayonnaise and preferably with a little mustard, mustard has almost no calories and its taste makes you not feel the lack of mayonnaise.

20. If you have time, take a walk after eating and burn calories while exercising.

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September 19, 2022