Mythical beasts in ancient Greece
Chimaera is a combination of lion, goat and snake
Argus: Argus is one of the heroes of Greek mythology, who is known as Argus the observer. The reason for this name is the large number of his eyes, which in some narrations had 4 eyes and in many stories and paintings he had 100 eyes that were located all over his body. This trait made Argos an ideal guardian and Hera, the wife of Zeus, assigned him to guard Zeus and his lover Io. But Zeus ordered Hermes, the messenger of the gods, to abduct Eve, and Hermes disguised himself as a shepherd, and with his long tales and reed sounds, put Argus to sleep and stole Eve. In some stories, Argos is finally killed by Hermes.

Chimaera: Chimaera is the child of a hundred-headed dragon named Typhoeus and a half-fairy, half-snake creature named Echidna and is considered one of the most famous monsters in mythology. The chimera was a creature with two heads of a lion and a goat on one side and a tail with the head of a snake on the other. His body is half a lion and half a goat, and fire pours from his mouth. This monster, by destroying the herds of the herdsmen and attacking the people, caused the people of Lycia to panic and was killed by a man named Bellerophon from the people of Corinth.

Cyclopes: The Greeks considered the gods and monsters to be the children of the Titans - the early gods - most of whom were the children of Gaea, the mother goddess, and Uranus. Uranus was the god of the sky and the son of Gaia, and Gaia alone gave birth to him. Together, these two produced many children, including the 12 Titans. The Cyclopes, who were one-eyed giants, were three in number and symbolized thunder, lightning, and lightning. These giants were the first blacksmiths and were imprisoned by a Titan named Cronus. When Zeus rebelled against the Titans, he freed the Cyclops, and in return they gave him his famous weapons, the thunderbolt and the thunderbolt.

Cerberus a dog with three heads
Echidna: A female monster who was half fairy and half snake and lived in a cave. He would leave the cave only when he was hunting and would eat any creature that passed by. This mortal creature lived a long life and was killed by Argos.

Hecatonchires: Hecatonchires means "hundred hands". These creatures with 50 heads and 100 powerful hands were the children of Gaia and Uranus. These three creatures hated their father and Uranus returned them to their mother's womb. They later took part in a rebellion against Uranus, but Kronos (their brother) imprisoned them again, and then they were released by Zeus to fight the Titans. They could throw several huge boulders at their enemies at the same time.

Giants: Giants were huge creatures that were born as a result of the blood of Uranus spilling on the ground. They attacked Zeus and the Olympian gods, and in order to reach their headquarters, they climbed on top of K. Hei and created a way to reach the headquarters of the gods by stacking their war equipment. The gods were finally able to defeat the giants with the help of Hercules, the mythological hero and son of Zeus, and buried them under the volcanoes.

Gorgons: In Greek mythology, the Gorgon was a female monster, with a body covered with impenetrable scales, hair of living snakes, sharp teeth, and a face so ugly that anyone who looked at them turned to stone. There were three of them, two of them were immortal and the third one named Medusa was mortal. The Greeks used the image of this monster's head to decorate their shields to frighten their enemies and protect themselves from evil powers.

Graphic image of Medusa
Medusa: Medusa was a very beautiful maiden in the beginning, but after Poseidon, the god of the sea, seduced her in Athena's temple, she angered this goddess and Athena turned her into the ugliest creature possible, that is, a Gorgon takes off. Since Medusa was originally human, she was mortal and was eventually killed by one of the mythological heroes named Pereus. Perseus, who went to battle with Medusa under the protection of Athena, manages to separate the head from her body. It is said that at this time, two of the legendary creatures, Pegasus and Chrysaor, who were the children of Medusa and Poseidon, came out of Medusa's body.

Typhoeus: Typhuius was a fire-breathing, hundred-headed, tireless dragon. Gaia, in her desperation, gave birth to him to protect the Titans from the Olympians. He succeeds to a great extent and makes some of the Olympian gods flee and imprisons Zeus. Hermes comes to Zeus's rescue and Zeus destroys Typhous using lightning bolts. It is said that Typhuus was buried under Mount Etna in Sicily.

Cerberus: Cerberus is another child of Typhoius and Echidna and is a three-headed dog with a snake instead of a tail. This monster has been the guardian of the world of the dead. He allowed the dead to enter and prevented them from leaving the underworld. Only a few of the living people were able to somehow cross this barrier and go to the world of the dead and return. One of these people was Orpheus, who was able to make her fall asleep by singing and go to rescue his wife Eurydice. Hercules, in his last mission, managed to remove Cerberus from his place and offer it to King Eurystheus.

Sirens: Sirens were sisters who lived in the rocky parts of the sea. They had a very beautiful and enticing song, and they misled the sailors with their voice and dragged them to the deadly rocks. It is said that these four sisters were the children of Achelous, the storm god.

Pegasus or winged horse
Pegasus: Pegasus is a winged horse and the child of Medusa and Poseidon. He was born when Medusa's head was severed by Perseus and tamed by Bellerophon. During the hero's adventures, Pegasus was his compound and helped him destroy the Chimera. But when Bellerophon wanted to help him reach Olympus, he was knocked off his horse by Zeus, and Pegasus reached Olympus alone and stayed there.

Chrysaor: Chrysaor is the second child of Medusa and Poseidon. There is not much information about this creature, we only know that he was probably a giant and was considered a powerful warrior and his name means golden sword.

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